Winter 2018: Thank you to all our wonderful clients and customers, it has been a fabulous 14 years. And a huge thank you to our staff and interns, we could not have done it without you! Due to some ongoing health challenges on the part of the owner, Mohawk Valley GIS is now closed, permanently. Have a joyous, healthy and prosperous year!

Good relationships are a priority. Read here what MVGIS’s clients have to share!

MVGIS is a small consulting firm that specializes in making technology less intimidating and more affordable. Please feel free to contact any of the clients listed below.

It is with great pleasure that I provide the following; in early 2014 Lewis County embarked on the development of mobile apps for our tourism marketing program. Our development team was fortunate in retaining Linda Rockwood, owner and principle of Mohawk Valley GIS (MVGIS) to guide us through the development and technical process. The Professionalism, technical expertise, guidance and service provided by Linda and her staff was amazing. Our vision was articulated with detail and most importantly the project was completed on time and budget. The public response to the mobile apps has been extraordinary. Thanks MVGIS

Frank Pace,
Sr. Planner

VAST was very fortunate to find Linda Rockwood and Mohawk Valley GIS to help ... read more

Matt Tetreault
VAST Trails Administrator

It took me a while to find someone who could accomplish what I needed for our website. I have to say it was worth the wait. It was a pleasure working with Linda and her team. Her hard work, patience, and professionalism exceeded my expectations. She never once made me feel like I was pestering with questions, any ideas I had she would expand on them to make them better, and her attitude was always positive and upbeat. I felt like my site was priority number one.

So if you want a great professional website, with a pleasant professional experience, contact Linda Rockwood Mohawk Valley GIS. Thanks Linda Rockwood for breathing life into our website and bringing our dreams to a reality!

Deb Christy
President St Lawrence County Snowmobile Association

Thank you very much for your work on this [our new website]! This site is really well done and we appreciate the ability to keep things up to date ourselves. You’ve incorporated all the features we were looking for and we’re thrilled to show this off! Thanks again for all your hard work!

Tim Riecker
Emergency Preparedness Solutions

We hired MVGIS to re-design and upgrade our website to be mobile friendly and also offer us content management for the new site. Linda and her staff were very professional, responsive and easy to work with. They also held to their scheduled completion date, which was much appreciated. The website came out beautifully and the content management system is very user-friendly. We’ve received wonderful feedback and compliments on the new website. I highly recommend their work!

Tamara Brister
Board of Directors VP, The Piseco Company, Irondequoit Inn

Our old website was very hard to work with and wasn’t mobile friendly. After seeing some of their work I hired MVGIS to re-design and upgrade our website to be mobile friendly and also offer us easy management for the new site. Linda and her staff were very professional, helpful and easy to work with. They also held to their scheduled completion date and price estimate. The website came out wonderful and is very user-friendly. We’ve received wonderful feedback and compliments on the new website. I highly recommend their work!

Josh Narburgh
President - Orleans County Snowdrifters

The Town of Hague contracted with Mohawk Valley GIS to develop a new website for our town. Linda Rockwood performed a thorough review of our existing site and made several recommendations for how it could be redesigned to make it more user-friendly. Throughout the project, Linda and her team were fantastic to work with and made everything really easy for us. We are extremely pleased with the new design and functionality of the website. In addition, the content management was very easy to learn – we were able to do the training over the phone. After we launched the site, Linda and her team were also readily available to answer any questions that we had about the content management and to make a few minor tweaks to the site. In sum, Linda and MVGIS ensured that all phases of our project went very smoothly and that the end result met all of our expectations. I would highly recommend them to anyone considering a website redesign.

Ginger Kuenzel
Hague Town Board Member

The Cazenovia Area Community Development Association contracted with Mohawk Valley GIS to develop an interactive recreational tourism website. We were very pleased to discover a consultant right here in Central New York with the skills to implement our vision. This was a very collaborative effort and Linda was extremely flexible in working with our committee. She pushed the technology to meet our needs, offered great advice and insights, and became very invested in the project. We look forward to continuing to work with Linda on future projects.

Lauren Lines
Executive Director, Cazenovia Area Community Development Association

Mohawk Valley GIS was extremely easy to work with. They approached our project with a can-do attitude and were very flexible and accommodating in regard to requests for adjustments. Communications were easy and effective, too, and the product was well prepared and delivered in a timely fashion. I would not hesitate to work with MVGIS again.

Daniel Sargent,
Assistant to the President,
Herkimer College

When I finally had the funds needed to create the perfect website for my business I reached out to Linda Rockwood of Mohawk Valley GIS. Linda took the time to understand my business and helped us come up with a website design which was fresh, crisp and functional. Since then we have received many compliments for its originality. Linda’s team exceeded my expectations and I would highly recommend them to anyone needing a quality website for their business.

Anthony Cirrincione
Owner / Master Electrician / Estimator, American Electrical Enterprises, INC.

MVGIS was hired by the Hague Volunteer Fire Department to develop a website that would allow us to easily manage the contents. Linda and her team were great to work with, professional, friendly, patient, and informative. Our board and members are very happy with the results and we have received very positive feedback. The members managing the content love how easy it is. We highly recommend MVGIS. Thanks.

Janet Hanna, Treasurer,
Hague Volunteer Fire Dept

The Town of Columbia Planning Board is very pleased to have found locally the resources and the specialized consulting services offered by Mohawk Valley GIS. In assisting the Board to develop and produce updated reference maps for the Town’s Comprehensive Plan, Ms. Rockwood displayed her capability to grasp or clarify a customer’s objectives, to create products that would meet those needs, and to offer suggestions for improvements based on her creativity and the modern technologies she has at hand. Ms. Rockwood routinely and freely gave of her time to insure that through the development process she and her customer were always on track. This Board will maintain its association with Mohawk Valley GIS, as Ms. Rockwood has become our direct link to keeping pace with advances in GIS capabilities and potential.

Paul Kidder
Town of Columbia Planning Board

The City of Johnstown recently contracted with Ms. Rockwood of Mohawk Valley GIS to perform a Needs Assessment, develop preliminary data layers, and conduct training with the City Engineer’s office. Ms. Rockwood worked with each of the Department Heads in developing a comprehensive Needs Assessment for the city. The Needs Assessment resulted in the beginning stages of GIS implementation with data layer development and Manifold GIS training. Ms. Rockwood’s experience helped to shape the direction of the City of Johnstown’s GIS program and we are looking forward to a continuing relationship. Ms. Rockwood’s enthusiasm and dedication to providing a customized GIS experience for the City of Johnstown has been and will continue to be of great value to our staff.

Chad Kortz
City of Johnstown Engineer

The City of Little Falls is beginning its second year of working with Linda Rockwood of Mohawk Valley GIS. As Supervisor of Public Works/Watershed Manager of the City, I sincerely appreciate the way Linda works with our community. Last year Linda helped me enter the era of GIS. My knowledge of GIS prior to working with Linda was nonexistent; now I’m using it daily in my job. A very important part of Linda’s service is her availability when we need her. I look forward to working with Linda in the years to come.

Rick Zilkowski
Supervisor of Public Works
City of Little Falls

Ms. Rockwood has been wonderful to work with from beginning to end. Creating an eight county regional mapping and touring site in a short amount of time was no small feat. Her professionalism, attention to detail, commitment and personal style of work is unbelievably positive and focused. Ms. Rockwood’s personal and professional attributes especially shown through when faced with a few stumbling blocks along the way. I am truly grateful to her for a job well done and I look forward to continuing our work on future phases for the project.

Tracy A. Montoni, CTC
Manager Regional Heritage Tourism
Mohawk Valley Heritage Corridor Commission

Our town was in need of updating our Zoning Map to reflect several changes over the past 20 years. Ms. Linda Rockwood of Mohawk Valley GIS came to our town and showed us a very affordable GIS program. This program along with her expert services has allowed us to update our Zoning Map and have a very useful tool for our Planning Board and Zoning Board to use when reviewing any kind of application. Linda has been there to assist with any problems or questions that we might have. I highly recommend her services and experience in developing a GIS program tailored to your specific needs and conditions.

Lloyd G. Sutton Jr.
Code Enforcement Officer Pompey, New York

When first searching for a GIS program that would fit the needs of the Village, I was contacted by Ms. Linda Rockwood of Mohawk Valley GIS. My first thoughts were “here we go again just another GIS program,” but after Linda finished her presentation I felt more comfortable with the program and how GIS works. Linda promised that Mohawk Valley GIS would be there to assist me with any problems I might have. I have been using GIS for about nine months and I want to say that Linda has always kept her end of the bargain and has always been there to answer any of my questions. I would recommend Ms. Linda Rockwood and Mohawk Valley GIS to anyone thinking of getting into GIS Technology for their business or community.

Michael G. Adsit
Code Enforcement Officer Village of Canastota, New York

The work conducted by Mohawk Valley GIS was extremely accurate and reliable. Mohawk Valley GIS saved our office numerous hours of additional work. Thanks.

Robert Palmieri
Director, Institutional Research, Herkimer County Community College

Being new to the area, it was important for me to become acclimated as quickly as possible to our 30 locations throughout the county. I thought of framing a Herkimer County map and pinpointing our sites, but instead I decided to work with a firm who could graphically display all of our facilities in a professional format. Mohawk Valley GIS answered the call. I proudly hang their work in my office for all our visitors to see, and it has assisted me tremendously in familiarizing myself with the surrounding communities. Thanks for the great work.

Kevin Crosley
Executive Director, Herkimer Area Resource Center

The Herkimer County Chamber of Commerce recently contracted Mohawk Valley GIS to prepare a series of maps of all our local villages for our upcoming Visitors’ Guide. We were under time constraints and a board of directors that demanded perfection in our guide, Linda Rockwood came through on both issues. It will be an easy choice when it comes time to put another Guide together; it will be Mohawk Valley GIS.

John Scarano
Executive Director, Herkimer County Chamber of Commerce

Our town was in need of several GIS mapping services including updating our Zoning Maps, creating a yearly town-wide garage sale map, locating parcel information, road information, and much more. Ms. Linda Rockwood of Mohawk Valley GIS has been there to assist with any questions that we have had. With her help and guidance I was able to easily create a town-wide garage sale map. It is a very impressive system with many capabilities and Ms. Rockwood was extremely helpful and professional throughout the setup and training. I highly recommend her services. Thank you Ms. Rockwood for a job well done!!!

Christina Scalise
Town Clerk, Town of Schuyler, NY

Ms. Rockwood has been wonderful to work with. I have worked with other GIS specialists in the past, and this year, completing a project of this magnitude [three snowmobile trail maps] was less stressful overall due to the professionalism, attention to detail, commitment and personal manner in which she approaches her work. I highly recommend Linda for any project and wholeheartedly will vouch that your final product will be one of which you will be happy with as Linda takes pride in her work.

Heidi Pangratis
Advertising Account Representative, The Mercury Media Group

Linda was instrumental in facilitating the technology integration training for elementary school teachers implementing GPS into their curricula. Taking a difficult topic and making it understandable and relevant is a skill Linda exemplified throughout the several weeks we spent with her.

Chris Adams
Instructional Computing Specialist, Mohawk Regional Information Center

Herkimer County recently contracted with Mohawk Valley GIS to conduct introductory training for county personnel in the areas of mapping, GIS technologies, and the use of ESRI’s ArcView software suite. The training was presented to representatives from our Real Property Tax Office, The County Highway Engineering Department, and the IT Department. Linda Rockwood visited all three offices and developed a tailored curriculum that supported the needs and requirements of all three Herkimer County departments. The two day class was presented clearly, and in a logical manner that was well received. The students demonstrated their comprehension by conducting an end of class project using all the GIS techniques covered.

We were very happy with the quality of the program and will not hesitate to contract with Mohawk Valley GIS in the future.

John Cipriano
Herkimer County Telecommunications & GIS Coordinator

We couldn’t be happier with the service provided by Mohawk Valley GIS. We had been putting off creating a new website for years because we just didn’t know where to start but Linda and her staff made the process a breeze. We were able to present our vision in a short phone interview, then custom design every step of the process. The new site looks fantastic and far exceeds our expectations. It is easy to use, not only for guests but also for the admins. Training to operate the site was quick and painless and we were able to complete it over the phone. We recommend Mohawk Valley GIS to any club looking for a site that looks great and is super easy to update.

Peter Schwalm
Vice President, Vanderbilt Snowmobile Club

We are all excited with the new website and the ease at which we can update it.

Peter Blessing
President, Pleasant Riders Snowmobile Club

Linda and John helped us create an amazing website. They promised that someone like me, who has no technical knowledge, would be able to manage the site. They weren’t wrong. They met our deadlines and made it all seem so easy. I never felt awkward asking questions and now we have a beautiful website thanks to Mohawk Valley GIS.

Kim Bonczyk
Farmingdale State College Liberty Partnerships Program