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An array of mapping and consultation offerings to help you find the right solution. We use ESRI ArcMap, Manifold Systems GIS and open source solutions, whatever best fits your needs and budget.

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What our clients are saying

"The Town of Columbia Planning Board is very pleased to have found locally the resources and the specialized consulting services offered by Mohawk Valley GIS. In assisting the Board to develop and produce updated reference maps for the Town’s Comprehensive Plan, Ms. Rockwood displayed her capability to grasp or clarify a customer’s objectives, to create products that would meet those needs, and to offer suggestions for improvements based on her creativity and the modern technologies she has at hand. Ms. Rockwood routinely and freely gave of her time to insure that through the development process she and her customer were always on track. This Board will maintain its association with Mohawk Valley GIS, as Ms. Rockwood has become our direct link to keeping pace with advances in GIS capabilities and potential."
Paul Kidder,
Town of Columbia Planning Board