Winter 2018: Thank you to all our wonderful clients and customers, it has been a fabulous 14 years. And a huge thank you to our staff and interns, we could not have done it without you! Due to some ongoing health challenges on the part of the owner, Mohawk Valley GIS is now closed, permanently. Have a joyous, healthy and prosperous year!

Return on Investment Testimonials

I easily save two hours a week by working more efficiently, this translates to $4,576 of my time (at my current salary level, working 20 hours per week). Before I started using GIS in my job as Building & Codes Officer, I would have to refer to our County’s website to look up parcel information. It did not include aerial photos and was harder to use. Now, I just open up my GIS each morning, have all my data in one place at my fingertips, and it is convenient and easy to use. The software we use costs $245 for the basic edition. We spent an additional $1350 for some GIS data work and training. We more than recovered our costs in under half a year.

Lloyd Sutton, Town of Pompey, NY

Having the GIS software and data with me all the time on my laptop has eliminated the need to keep coming back to my office to look up tax parcel records, zoning, and other information. I save at least five hours a week of my time, which translates to over $5400 a year in savings just for the Codes department. Our DPW, police and fire departments, assessor and clerk all have access to the GIS also and use it whenever they need to know where something is relative to something else. It’s convenient and saves considerable time for all departments that take advantage of the quick search options and visual display.

Phil Green, Codes Officer, Little Falls & Schuyler